Neighbourhood Plan Adoption Referendum FAQs

Find the answers to these questions on our dedicated FAQ page:

  • What is the Haslemere Neighbourhood Plan and why should I care?
  • What’s the bottom line – how many houses, where and when?
  • Do we actually need all these homes? Who says so?
  • What about infrastructure – where are we going to find the water, school places and GPs to accommodate all these extra people?
  • Will anybody listen – won’t the developers just get their way anyway?
  • This all started a decade ago didn’t it? Why has it taken so long?
  • It’s all been done by volunteers hasn’t it? With all due respect, how do we know this is all legal?
  • What about the climate – are all these houses good for the environment?
  • Great, so where do I cast my vote?

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Surveys

Haslemere’s achieved the largest response levels to a Plan consultation in the area, but we want to show local authorities and Planners exactly how much we care. It is important that as many residents or workers participate as possible. Please respond by completing the following surveys

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Webinars

Haslemere Town Council together with Haslemere Vision have extended the period of consultation to the end of May 2020.

We are also very keen to receive as many responses to our Neighbourhood Plan consultation as possible.

We are running a series of webinar events. Please do sign up and get involved!

  • Thursday 14th May 7pm
  • Saturday 16th May 10am

To register for these events, email now!

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