Vision into Action

As Haslemere Town Council takes the lead in the final stages of the consultation that will bring the Neighbourhood Plan to referendum, Haslemere Vision will continue to support that work, as well as promoting action on key community projects that have been identified by the Neighbourhood Plan community engagement programme. Three project teams have been formed to date. Details are as follows:

The Biodiversity Group are currently seeking funding for the first phase of their project which is to map the key areas for biodiversity around our town and the corridors and stepping-stones between them. This will support a Neighbourhood Plan policy which seeks to retain, protect and enhance biodiversity and extend the ecological networks and green infrastructure to assist the migration and transit of wildlife, flora and fauna. This group will work with Surrey Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England: The Countryside Charity, Lob’s Charity, the Haslemere Society and other relevant bodies.

There are nine traffic, parking and non-car transport opportunities identified in the Neighbourhood Plan. The Sustainable Transport Group are planning to consult with the community in the near future to help prioritize the issues that are most pressing. They have already attended meetings of the Waverley Cycle forum and been involved in promoting the new cycle route off Bunch Lane. They will work with the Community Rail Partnership, South Western Railways and Surrey County Council.

The community has shown a great deal of interest in the Wey Hill Fairground site for many years, most recently when Waverley Borough Council sought to deregister the site as common land. The Fairground Group will collaborate with the community, Haslemere Town Council, Waverley Borough Council and other stakeholders to form a development plan for the regeneration of the site.

Haslemere Vision is made up of community volunteers. Anyone who would like to find out more about the work of any of these groups should contact us at info@haslemerevision.org.uk. Your help with these initiatives would be greatly appreciated.

Haslemere Vision has received funding from the Community Development Foundation, Haslemere Town Council and the Haslemere Challice Community Fund and receives advisory support from Locality.