Vision into Action

Now that the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted, Haslemere Vision has been working in other areas. During the last year volunteers have responded to a number of consultations such as those for the Waverley Local Plan Part 2 and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Boundary Review.

The Biodiversity Group continue their work preparing a Nature Recovery Strategy for Haslemere and working on mini-projects, that monitor wildlife species in our town. The Group was set up to conserve and enhance Haslemere’s special biodiversity assets at a time when wildlife across Surrey is disappearing at alarming rates. Key objectives of the Biodiversity group are to help protect, maintain, restore and enhance important wildlife sites and the vital wildlife corridors that connect them in Haslemere & environs. It also aims to boost resilience to future pressures such as climate change, development, pollution and invasion by non-native species.

During the last year funding has been provided by Haslemere Town Council, the Lobs Trust and Waitrose.

Fairground – HV members have met with the Waverley Borough Council and offered to support community input to any planning for potential future new uses for the Fairground site.

The Sustainable Transport Group continues to work with the Haslemere Active Travel Group and other stakeholders, including representatives of Haslemere Town Council, Transition Haslemere, the Haslemere Society, Surrey and Waverley Councils as well as residents. Haslemere Vision members have contributed in the past year to a new Waverley Borough Council’s LCWIP (Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan). Once a borough has an LCWIP in place it facilitates  access to larger funding sources for sustainable travel measures for Haslemere and environs. HV members have been instrumental to Outreach work involving collaboration with local schools and other initiatives such as area wide active travel Fridays.

Haslemere Vision is made up of community volunteers whom arranged and produced the now adopted Neighbourhood Plan, having been delegated the task by Haslemere Town Council. The Neighbourhood Plan was examined by an Independent government appointed Inspector and approved. The community then voted at a referendum to support the Neighbourhood Plan, which was then adopted.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the material evidence that all local planning application must address and comply with as part of the planning application process. Waverley Borough Council Officers and Councillor role is to uphold the agreed policy within the Neighbourhood Plan.

Haslemere Vision undertakes an ad hoc monitoring of a range of planning application to check on compliance with the communities wishes as expressed in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Another key benefit for Haslemere & environs of conclusion and adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan is that is enable Haslemere Town Council to receive greater financial contributions, as directed by central government in relation to financial contributions arising from new planning applications through the CIL process. HV has also flagged up from the extensive resident consultation process when preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, matters of priority to the community for consideration in the HTC’s CIL policy.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the work of Haslemere Vision or specific work set out above  is invited to contact us at info@haslemerevision.org.uk. Your help with these initiatives would be greatly appreciated.

Haslemere Vision has received funding from the Community Development Foundation, Haslemere Town Council and the Haslemere Challice Community Fund and receives advisory support from Locality.