POLICY H16 Encouraging the Growth of New and Existing Small Businesses

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Context and reasoned justification

The local topography and the fact that Haslemere is largely surrounded by AONB land make the area unsuitable for large scale or heavy industrial development but the town and surrounding area has a history of small scale industrial, arts and craft businesses. The 2011 Census indicated that 15% of the town’s working population are self-employed. This suggests an opportunity to create employment by encouraging the growth of existing local small businesses. In this context, the recent opening of an office hub by the Chamber of Trade is to be applauded and similar creative approaches to encouraging new small businesses in the area should be encouraged.


To encourage supply of space, suitably equipped with the necessary information technology and communications infrastructure, to meet the needs of micro, small and medium businesses.


H16.1 Development proposals to provide new employment space, including through the conversion or division of existing employment space and the creation of new premises, for micro or small businesses will be supported, subject to considerations of parking and traffic, and provided they respect the character of their surroundings by way of scale and design.

H16.2 All conversions or divisions of existing employment space or developments of new employment space should provide up to date information technology and communications infrastructure, appropriate for small and medium enterprises.

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