POLICY H8 Internal Design, Building Standards

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Context and reasoned justification

The ‘Nationally Described Space Standards’ (ref Evidence list page 68 and Table 2 below) are the national benchmark for properties sizes, set out by central government. In a high value area such as Haslemere, almost all sites for new housing are expected to generate good returns on investment and as such we believe the Nationally Described Space Standards should always be met even for affordable housing. This will ensure there is adequate living space and allow flexible use dependent upon changing household circumstances. This is particularly important to the growing number of people who work or study at home as an extra 1.3 sqm of space equates to having room for a desk and a chair.


To ensure developments provide adequate, flexible living space and high quality communication infrastructure.


H8.1 Developers should demonstrate how their development meets the Nationally Described Space Standard.

H8.2 All new developments should provide up to date information technology and communications infrastructure to accommodate the growing numbers of people who work and/or study from home.

Table 2: Nationally Described Space Standards in sqm

* Where a 1bedroom, 1person has a shower room instead of a bathroom, the floor area may be reduced from 39m to 37m, as shown bracketed

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