Have Your Say on the Future of our Roads and Streets

Have your say on the future of our roads and streets

Traffic and parking are two of the biggest issues currently of concern to our community. Both can have a negative impact on our daily lives by adversely affecting the attractiveness and functioning of our streets, our safety and the environment. Both will increase in future as a consequence of additional housing development in Haslemere and nearby areas. In today’s article we discuss 3 key questions:

How do we see the future of our roads and streets?
Should we:
• Give priority to motorised traffic by supporting street designs that promote the most efficient transit of cars and lorries? This would inevitably make life more difficult and dangerous for other road users (especially pedestrians and cyclists) as well as increasing noise and pollution
• Encourage other forms of transport such as park and ride, taxi shares, Hoppa buses and electric bike schemes?
• Promote a combination of the above? Allow for some short term traffic growth and increase in parking provision alongside measures that reduce the dominance of car traffic, encourage public transport use, make better provision for cycling and walking, and/or develop non-motorised routes.

How can we balance the needs of all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, the elderly, children and those
with mobility difficulties?
Options could include:
• Imposing speed restrictions (20 mph?) in selected parts of the town
• Introducing traffic management around schools at key times of day
• Creating a one-way street system and a pedestrian area around the War Memorial in the High Street
• Restricting large vehicle access to the town centre

How can we promote access for all?
Some residents on low incomes or with mobility difficulties (including the elderly and very young), face real
difficulties and expense getting around. This limits access to employment, shops, health, education and social
services. To promote access for all should we:
• Improve access to the station, providing more space for cycles, buses, taxis, electric bike storage and charging?
• Subsidise transport schemes that assist young or unemployed people to lease/buy small cars, mopeds or bikes so they can travel to work?
• Subsidise improved public transport or other transport methods that reduce dependence on cars ?

What do you think? Let us know your views by taking part in the consultation process!

Meanwhile, look out for next week’s article in which we will discuss parking issues and options.