Vision into Action

As Haslemere Town Council takes the lead in the final stages of consultation that will bring the Neighbourhood Plan to referendum Haslemere Vision will work to promote action on key community projects that have been identified by responses to its six year community engagement programme. To hear how Haslemere Vision plans to turn Vision into Action residents and organisations in Haslemere and the surrounding area are invited to attend the Haslemere Vision AGM at 8:00pm on Thursday 18th July at the Georgian Hotel.

On 21st March 2019 Haslemere Town Council (HTC) adopted the draft Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and will shortly seek the views of the wider community in an 8 week public consultation. It will then make any changes necessary to the draft as a result of the public response and submit it to Waverley for the final stages of its journey to referendum.

A small Haslemere Vision team will continue to support HTC through the remainder of the NP process but its main focus will turn to stimulating and working with all stakeholders to facilitate action on projects, identified in our consultations as important to the future of Haslemere*, such as new walking and cycling routes or development of the Wey Hill Fairground. These projects will only happen if we, the community, make them happen.

The Haslemere Vision Steering Group, invigorated by a strong intake of new recruits, is up for the challenge and now seeks volunteers to join the Steering Group or one of its project action groups.

To find out more about Haslemere Vision’s plans for the future and how you can become part of the action the Steering Group invites all who are interested to join then at 8:00pm at the Georgian Hotel on Thursday July 18th

* For the full list of projects go to for a link to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan